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Is your PC infected with malware? 

The FBI has provided this checklist of common signs malware is present on your computer.

Common signs malware is present:

Your PC is very slow and at times unresponsive

Your PC is freezing or locking up

Your PC is experiencing pop-ups

Your PC has gone to BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

Your PC reboots intermittently without warning

Your Internet surfing activities are blocked or redirected to sites you did not click on

You can't connect to the Internet even though your network icon shows that you are connected

Your PC informs you that your anti-virus software is turned off (and you're unable to turn it back on

Your PC informs you that your firewall is turned off or inactive One or more program icons on your PC do nothing when you click on them  


If you're experiencing any of the above problems malware has gained control of your computer. Your personal information, passwords, pictures, data, and identity data has been breached. Malware needs to be removed asap by a professional. Malware removal is a "reactive" solution and we can help you with that. We charge $110 and up for malware removal.


Once we've removed your malware infestation it begs the question, "how to prevent malware from gaining access again?" Ignore this question and within 30 days you'll be paying another malware removal charge creating a costly cycle. Left unbroken, this cycle will cost over $1100/yr in malware removal fees alone. You need a cost-effective way to stop malware from getting access to your PC in the first place. I'm not a huge fan of the "reactive" solution and neither should you be.

What is malware?

Malware is a tool used by Internet thieves to gain access to your computer. Antivirus programs alone can't stop the latest and ever-changing malicious scripts being written into malware. It takes malware just 16 minutes to defeat your antivirus protection and successfully access your unsecured PC! The cycle begins again.


There is good news as of late. We recently pioneered an algorithm that breaks the malware infestation cycle and successfully protects your PC from malware attacks. Blocking coded malware attack was a challenge, to say the least...until now. This challenge is the inspiration behind our new flagship service called: “Recurring Remote Support” (RRS)...providing Genuine Malware Protection!


What is RRS? 

Technically, RRS is proactive and reactive cloud-based IT support at it's finest. Our maintenance service focus' on proactive defense against malware infestation instead of reactive support only. Additionally, RRS is an All-in-one Service: remote security monitoring of your PC 24/7/365, remote access, remote maintenance, and remote support. RRS also includes complete service management of your PC performed by a certified IT technician.


RRS Service Agreements include:

Monthly remote Tune-ups on your PC (12)

Remote configuration and installing useful apps

Updating system software and patching security holes

Removing toolbars and add-ons that malware uses to gain access to your PC

Monitoring the hardware status of your PC 24/7/365 to catch issues before they cause you problems

Monitoring installed software status 24/7/365 on your PC and patching security holes via daily updates to block malware

RRS also lowers your PC repair costs by eliminating the need for you to make a special trip to my shop just to fix a bug

RRS allows me to ensure your PC experience is safe, easier and fun

2 FREE Service Calls per year (This does not include my time on site)

Because nothing is bulletproof, if you get a virus or malware, I will remove it at no charge


What is IdentityTheft Protection worth to you? Priceless? What would hassle-free computing be worth to you? Imagine if every time you used your PC it worked like it did when you bought it. Would that save you some time over the course of a year? What's time worth these days?


RRS Premium Service is just $360/Yr. That's less than your morning coffee! Certainly less than the cost and hassle incurred when your Identity is stolen. Protect your system from malware attacks. RRS keeps it running like new for just over $1/Day. This just makes sense.

We didn't create your malware problem...we solved it.

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Did you know that over 90% of personal computers are sharing personal information with Internet thieves? Is identity theft a concern for you? A recent article from the FBI's website warns PC owners about malware sharing your private data on the Internet. The article calls this security breach "The PC Survival Time Challenge". The above information was taken directly from the FBI website. The article explains that internet bad guys gain access to Windows PC's using a tool called malware. Malware is an ever-evolving malicious code that defeats antivirus protection in about 16 minutes. Your antivirus alone is useless against aggressive malware. Malware is becoming more dangerous with each passing day.