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One in Ten End Users will have there Identity Stolen

(Source - Dark Web Report)

Has your personal information been stolen? Check here now to find out if you're a victim of a data breach.


Keeping your computer running fast requires repetitive maintenance. We are helping people keep their computers running fast, and fully updated 24/7/365 with our RRS Maintenance Package. Last year, the average End User serviced their PC quarterly and spent approximately $450 on repetitive services. Ahh, the good 'ol days. I have a silly question. Why keep paying for the same service without getting constant protection for nearly the same amount, per year? We want to help you save as much money throughout the year as possible, and avoid the need for repetitive costs. Pay once, and be done! Now you can have us keep your computer running fast, and up-to-date 24/7/365! Take a look at our Maintenance Package.

This package includes:

Anti-Virus Software*
Automatic Updates
Automated Maintenance
We Block Known Bad Websites
Keeps Junk Programs Off Your PC
Easy Access To A Certified IT technician

All Maintenance Performed By A Certified IT technician

RRS Premium Service is only $29/month. That's less than $1/day. Less than your morning coffee! Certainly less than the cost incurred, and hassle associated with Identity Theft or falling victim to a Ransomware attack. 

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* Anti-Virus $16 additional. includes CryptoPrevent Ransomware Protection

 Did you know?

A recently conducted security assessment of 500,000 end-user PC’s. The results are staggering! Only 304 were 100% patched. Malware is an ever-evolving malicious code that defeats antivirus protection in about 16 minutes. Your antivirus alone is useless against aggressive malware. Malware is becoming more dangerous with each passing day. 

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