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We believe that knowledge is the key to staying safe online. That’s why we would like to offer you our invaluable Security Monitoring RRS Managed Maintenance at an incredible Cyber Week Sale!

Unlike classic cars or fine wines, software will not improve with age. That very computer you’re happy with because ‘it works just fine’ is the ultimate target for hackers looking for easy access to your files. Vulnerabilities in old software make your computer more open to attackers. Cybercriminals frequently and automatically scan PCs with different types of malware to locate vulnerabilities they can use to gain entry to your computer. Outdated programs are the ultimate back door to your computer. Having antivirus alone isn’t enough.

Dennis Peterson12 days ago

My home computer was hit by ransomware. They stated they worked for Windows and wanted access to my computer. Wanted $600+ to unlock my computer. I refused to pay and had to install a new platform. Antivirus alone does not stop the takeover!

RRS can automatically update all your apps, closing the holes in your PC's defenses. RRS Patch Management takes the guesswork out of patching security holes by identifying critical vulnerabilities and deploying patches from our central dashboard. Protect your PC for under a $1/Day!


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