"We are committed to delivering professional IT Support at your home or place of business."

Residential IT Support

We specialize in general computer diagnostics, Virus, spyware/malware removal, network setup and maintenance, remote diagnostics, computer repair, mobile device glass replacement and data recovery. Our professional computer repair services cover everything from failed hardware components, software bugs, driver incompatibilities, spyware and malware problems, network connectivity problems, operating system upgrades, and complete computer overhauls.

Business IT Support

Here at Computer Authorities + we provide expert IT support. Our professional IT services help you maintain your infrastructure and support your needs throughout the technology life cycle. We are qualified IT professionals and experienced in the IT field. We strive for excellence in all our services to ensure you are always operating at the highest level.

Need Immediate Help?

Did you know that in most cases I can repair your PC  remotely eliminating a trip to my shop?

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